The Circular Economy…

A new way forward 

…for us all?

The mission

Singularities has a mission; to assist in the deployment of positive social strategies, notably by bringing Web3, AI and data management to sectors, such as health & social care, that can drive social progress.

Through building its own solutions, M&A’s, consultancy and partnerships, Singularities has established a network of those that see the coming world as both an opportunity and a responsibility. A responsibility not just to shareholders, but also to the planet and its future generations.

Singularities focuses on Business Transformation through the creation of new strategies, concepts, brands and data, that address the growing importance of community empowerment, the sharing economy, and sustainability.

Utilising cutting edge deployment of Data ownership, Innovation, Tokenomics and Web3, its partners, clients and users are able to capitalize on the benefits of today’s rapidly evolving technologies.

Our business

Singularities is a commercial entity with a social impact soul and a blockchain for good ethos. It’s comprised of the key stakeholders in its projects. These typically include experts from its Advisory Board, board members from charities and corporate partners.

With a principal focus currently on healthcare, inclusivity, sustainability and the circular economy, and on assisting businesses and organisations reach new markets by deploying new tech, Singularities provides the expertise and the teams that work on its various projects, whether its own or those of its partners and clients.

Singularities combines today’s cutting edge technologies with its own businesses and marketing strategies that are applicable to today’s fast changing world.

Critically, Singularities is establishing new ways to achieve more effectively aligned stakeholder and community interests, whilst also generating commensurate returns, for both consumers and investors in equal measure.



The team

Singularities is a community of partners, each using its expertise, networks and apps to suit their needs within the ecosystem; whether for care, community or commercial gain, but always ‘for good’. Singularities is therefore an open-source community comprised of experts and supporters, in which its Members work on projects to serve their own purposes and those of the community.

Our collective work to date includes engagements in the fields of health & social care, insurance, energy, charities and the circular economy.  

What’s in it for you?

The Singularities community offers its partners an opportunity to reach the growing global membership of our projects, and to access the expertise required to be able to both integrate new tech and partner with other businesses, in the emerging sharing economy.

So, whether you are looking to find new customers, raise funding, build a marketing strategy, leverage today’s tech, or explore Web3 opportunities, our team of developers, partners, Web3 experts and marketeers, are available to you. We offer our partners and clients highly skilled and cost-effective teams, that can support your every business development requirement. And of course, being open source, we offer our services on a success only fee basis.

So, whatever has bought you to this page, don’t hesitate, let’s talk. For together, we can build a new world. One that shares and cares. For we owe it to future generations. Don’t we? And, it can start today.


So whether you’re a a conglomerate or a startup, a Web3 professional, coder or online business with marketing needs, whether you are looking for work, a care professional, or unemployed or being cared for, we would love you to join us. For, as a community, we have roles and relationships for everyone; from systems architects to coders, lawyers to advisors and marketeers, ambassadors, partners ..and people, bloggers, vloggers and avatars. Let’s talk.